About us


Our philosophy is customer’s satisfaction. We respond to customer’s requirements irrespective how complex are they. Our solutions can interface with existing applications, taking care of users’ efforts and comfort. We develop software applications on n-tier client/server architecture, using the latest technologies. As a result, all applications are completely modularized, scalable and flexible.

The Sincron Software team offers services for the whole project lifecycle, including:

  • requirements engineering;
  • general and detailed analysis and design;
  • coding and testing;
  • consulting, implementation, training, technical assistance;
  • maintenance and technical support;
  • project management.


Our objective is to allow our customers to become independent through an effective transfer of knowledge respecting in the same time the customer’s choices. Fundamental to all of the services we offer is our technical and professional competence, which is based on our key values of professionalism, objectivity and integrity. State-of-art methodologies, comprehensive quality assurance programs and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation reinforce this competence.

SINCRON SOFTWARE is committed to develop distinctive and specific skills, to allow us to provide our customers with a competitive edge such as:

  • a multi disciplinary team, highly skilled, using the most up-to-date management, administration and consulting techniques;
  • expertise in set-up enterprise applications and custom-made training;
  • excellent expertise in the public, para-public and private sectors, whether at the local or international level;
  • quality professional services, always taking into consideration the size and the specificity of a project;
  • consultants with complementary skills, accustomed to teamwork over multifaceted projects, with creative and professional skills, enabling SINCRON SOFTWARE to find appropriate solutions to the particular context of each customer.


Based on management experience, we have settled a structured system implementation methodology whose cornerstones are value and simplification. The key concepts we utilize in performing our work are:

  • Top-down approach, focusing on the values to be delivered both by organizations and the activities within them;
  • Process review, examining a work activity as a process and focusing on building in quality while simplifying procedures;
  • Organizational focus, emphasizing the alignment of value-added activities within each department to ensure success of the entire organization;
  • Performance measurement, focusing on a family of key attributes which work together to increase productivity;
  • Teamwork and ownership of change, ensuring that long after we are gone, the customer continues to realize the benefits of the system and procedures implemented as a result of the project;
  • Fast response, get systems in quickly to achieve customer’s satisfaction.