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Ministry Of Administration and Internal Affair

Rural Development Project (RDP)

The purpose of the RDP is to strengthen local governance by improving the capacity of local administration to undertake socially, economically and technically viable investments, and to increase the availability of infrastructure and other public / community goods to rural inhabitants in programme areas. It will achieve this through the engagement of communities in a participatory process of project development and decision- Ministry of Communication and Information Technology – Knowledge Economy Project (KEP) Approximately 200 communities will benefit from Local Communities Electronic Networks (LCEN), as knowledge centers for offering citizens information and online services throughout Knowledge Economy Project. The project was initiated by Romanian Government, with the support of World Bank and coordinated by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Ministry of Economy

Hazard Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project.

The overall objective of the project is to assist the Government of Romania in reducing the environmental, social, financial and economic vulnerability to natural disasters and water pollution accidents from mining activities through:

  • strengthening the institutional and technical capacity for disaster management and emergency response;
  • implementing risk reduction measures for floods, landslides and earthquakes;
  • improving the safety of dams;
  • establishing a financially sustainable national disaster insurance system;
  • mitigating the environmental impacts of accidental spills and release of hazardous materials in the Danube River and Black Sea Basins.

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Mine Closure, Environmental and Socio-Economic Regeneration Project

The project include the following components:

A. Mine Closure and Environmental Component of the Project will :

  • support the closure and environmental rehabilitation of mines and/or mine processing facilities at 20 sites;
  • help start implementation of the recommendations of the Sector Environmental Assessment which was conducted in 2002.

B. Socio-Economic Regeneration (SER) Component of the Project will scale up the job creation activities piloted by the Mine Closure and Social Mitigation Project (MCSMP) and will add sub-components to foster local conditions for economic growth and social regeneration based on the lessons learned. The main objectives of the SER component are to:

  • Scale up the job creation measures implemented under the first loan;
  • Support local development activities through community capacity building and financing of economic infrastructure and social services;
  • Strengthen the Borrower’s capacity to implement the SER component.

C. Institutional Support Component consists of the institutional support for the following:

  • the Project Management Unit (PMU) which will manage the Mine Closure and Environmental component and will also be responsible for consolidating project accounts;
  • the National Agency for Development and Implementation of the Reconstruction Programs in Mining Regions (AZM), Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF) and the Project Management Unit for Socio-Economic Regeneration (PMU-SER) which will coordinate all the sub-components related to SER

Credit Europe Ipotecar IFN SA

Implementation of a complete accounting banking software for mortgage loans management system.

Credit Europe Servicii Financiare IFN SA

Implementation of a complete accounting banking software for consumer loans management system.

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