Reasons to think about our products :

  • all you need for your company from a single source.
  • multi-platform integration.
  • exceptional service.
  • 24h full support.
  • scalability.
  • flexibility.
  • high quality and latest technologies.
  • free migration from existing software.
  • free integration with existing software.

Erasmus WB

The entire ERASMUS WB system has been developed on distributed client/server architecture, using state-of-art Microsoft technologies. As a result, the entire Erasmus application is completely modularized, scalable and flexible.

Erasmus provides a coherent application model based on the client/server architecture organized on three layers:

  • The data layer – responsible with data storage on physical support in a format that can ensure the information’s coherence, security and availability;
  • The logical layer – responsible with logical processing of the information that was stored according with the real needs of users;
  • The presentation layer – responsible with the interface for the end-user.

The multi-layer organization of this application will ensure a high degree of independence for each tier, allowing in this way later development of a certain layer according to new potential demand without affecting the system’s general evolution.

The standard package of ERASMUS WB has a modular structure based on shared data and full integration of component modules.
The main modules are:

  • The Accounting module,
  • The Procurement module,
  • The Budget module,
  • The General Settings module and,
  • The Reports Settings module.

We used this approach in order to allow the user to easily access other modules. At its turn each module includes sub-modules, depending on its nature.

In terms of data integrity and security, the application allows for controlled access of users by modules and sub-modules through password protection. Once users are organized into departments (such as financial, procurement, management, etc) specific rights can be awarded to entire department or specific user, based on individual log in password.

Erasmus IFN

The main capabilities of Erasmus IFN are the possibility to be interfaced with beneficiary software to gather data and consolidate them into General Ledger, Cash Ledger or Bank Ledger according with the Romanian legislation, flexibility, user-friendliness, easiness in data input and possibility of customization in terms of chart of accounts, branches management, setting up types of accounting transactions.

In addition, Erasmus IFN responds to the following features:

  • Allows for multi-currency transactions;
  • Ability to account under different bases of accounting (cash, modified cash, modified accrual, accrual);
  • Automatic generation of accounting entries;
  • Capacity to track actual and budgeted data;
  • Ability to track and search by specific transaction references (e.g. check no., payment order no., etc.)
  • Dual chart of accounts (ability to track in accordance with or link to local reporting requirements as well as IAS requirements);
  • Multiple location installation and consolidation ability; Multiple users allowed;
  • Ability to export/import data into/from multiple formats such as Excel, Word, XML, HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, CSV, any OLE DB data sources (such as Oracle, Sybase, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, SQL Server, MySQL).
  • Ability to interface with existing company software or other applications to export or import data.
  • Ability to track and report on flexible reporting cycles (e.g. month, quarter, calendar year, fiscal year, etc.)
  • Ability to track and report by cost centers, by locations, by users;
  • Capacity to customize reports using professional templates, to give your company an attractive look and improve your advertise image.
  • Multi-language support available (Romanian and English at run time and any other language at request).
  • Automatic updates available. Erasmus IFN can regularly check for updates or new versions and install them for you. If updates are available, they are downloaded behind the scenes when you are working and you are not interrupted.


  • Erasmus IFN can be purchased as separate application, reducing your costs to develop or improve existing software.
  • Erasmus IFN comes with licensing per server and not per user or agency. Only one purchased license can be used by however users and agencies you have.
  • Erasmus IFN come with a period of guaranty and free updates, according with the Romanian legislation changes.
  • If you are a multinational company, with Erasmus IFN you can track all reports into a secondary currency (such as eur or usd) or you can get all the financial reports into IAS system.
  • Real time data consolidation.
  • Access to information according with company security policies.
  • Free technical support by phone, e-mail, user manuals.
  • Latest technology and art design, performance, flexibility and scalability.

Payroll Plus

The Payroll Plus system is completely modularized, scalable and flexible so it can processes even the most complex payroll automatically. Information generated in the system flows seamlessly throughout the software to help you monitor and control costs.

Key features:

  • Streamlined and reliable payroll solution
  • Multi-language support available (Romanian and English at run time and any other language at request).
  • Automatic updates available
  • Ability to track data anomalies
  • Integration with your accounting software to deliver major efficiencies to your organisation
  • Ability to set security for different users
  • Pre-designed Payroll reports to calculate and print information at any time
  • Ability to design your own reports